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Apart from being a very talented Medium, Karen's love is Trance Healing.

Trance healing is a more powerful extension of spiritual healing whereby the medium has the potential to allow the spirit world to draw in much closer to them and their energy, the closer spirit can get to the healer, the stronger the healing can be.
Karen has a small team, of what she would regard as guides or helpers, led by Professor James Edwards M.D. who passed to the world of spirit in the 1800’s. The spirit team come together with various skills and strengths to help Karen build a higher level of energy and thus deliver more distinguished and stronger results. It is also a far greater physical experience for the client, easing pain and enhancing the body's ability to correct itself and heal in many aspects such as mentally and emotionally.

When you have a healing session with Karen, she may ask you to lie down on a treatment bed, but if this is uncomfortable, then a chair will be fine. She normally touches the arm, closes her eyes, and connects to the spirit world.

Clients have reported the feeling of many hands on their bodies, but most of all, a feeling of peacefulness, and wellbeing.

Healing session times, may vary, but will normally last between 30 and 45 minutes.


Karen Wright :  Spiritualist Medium,

Trance Healer & Teacher 

More about me, and my journey:

As a qualified carer and full time chef by trade, my career in residential care goes way back to 1987, I've worked for various establishments including The Queen Elizabeth Foundation whereby we worked closely with patients from Headley Court and other patients suffering brain injury resulting in immobility and lack of regular brain function. I've always been interested in how the brain functions and this even links in to my spiritual journey.

The Early Years

My Journey started way before I even knew such times were ahead, from a very young age I bared witness to all kinds of unusual sights that others around me could not see. So fast forwarding a few years I fell pregnant with my only child and got married. Throughout my teenage years and early 20's I continued to see  or feel things out of the ordinary in general day to day life but continued as normal, it wasn't until my daughter reached her later toddler years that my journey as spiritualist really  kick started...

My late grandfather had passed in 1995 and my daughter being so young, she couldn't really comprehend the whole 'Granddad's gone to heaven' in the same way we do as adults, BUT she was fully aware of who or what my grandfather looked liked....So not even weeks after he's passed my daughter appears crying ...I ask her what's wrong, to which she replies "granddad came to see me, he says everything's going to be okay", she also describes to me how he appears at the end of the bed, not in a way to scare her but obviously at the tender age of 5 it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences.

Now seeing stuff myself I could deal with, but as my daughter experienced stuff too I felt I needed to learn how to control what was happening but in order to do that first of all I needed to understand two things 

1. What it is? And

2. Why its happening to me/us?

 The Real Beginning

Sometime later, I started visiting spiritualist churches, sought advice from mediums on platform, read books and even consulted one of my closest friends....I was given a particular reading under exceptional circumstances and this changed everything for me and set me on my way, I started to practice healing with my close friend and colleague. My healing ability was established and Spiritualism was now a part of me and I became very interested in what ethics it offered the modern world. Fast forward some years and I'm in my early 30s and a religious Living TV's "Most Haunted" viewer, I spot a new show coming called "Psychic School" and they're advertising for people to audition so I applied, got through over 8,000 applicants and landed myself on a trip to Castle Stuart in Inverness, Scotland alongside 9 other successful applicants and led by International working medium & teacher, Tony Stockwell.

My Experiences at the castle were life changing and certainly heightened my link to the spirit world, on returning home I then realised that my life would now be dedicated to the service of spirit. Later on I discovered a place called the Arthur Findlay College, Here they provide a number of courses which are led by International mediums and teachers for developing your spiritual journey. My incentive to partake on a course was too improve the quality in the gifts I have, I still attend many courses now as there's always room to learn more and explore new techniques, however I feel that I have reached a point in my journey whereby I am able and capable of pass on my experiences and knowledge to others wishing to develop their spiritual awareness.

What happened next...

I have now reached a time in my progression where I can share my experiences and gift to teach courses all over the world, thus far teaching in Germany, Italy & the USA, with many dates coming up for the future. 

Journey Into The Unknown