Journey Into The Unknown

"I've never had a reading before but, WOW.... Karen answered questions that I didn't realise I had. I feel peaceful and ready to carry on with my life.

 Thankyou!! "


"Karen was told by me that my son had been involved in a bad accident and had broke 3 ribs and a punctured lung, She has on her own will connected with my son and now we (myself, son and my wife and the nurses) have noticed a very quick recovery, we were told by the hospital this was a life threatening accident but our son has made a fast full recovery and we thank Karen for the distance healing she sent, We are very greatful, thank you"

Daniel. D.

"This was my first experience,it was amazing, found myself having a little tear but such a nice feeling, I cant wait to book another session. Thank you so much"


“My trance healing with Karen was a lovely experience, I felt the energy throughout my body, the calmness & relaxed feeling was beautiful. I could feel the healing taking place especially around my head. I will certainly be back to visit very soon. Thank you Karen & Spirit!”


“My Trance healing with Karen was amazing, I felt tingling sensation going all the way down my body, I saw different colours and images. I felt my arms and legs were heavy and taken over by a warm energy. I really enjoyed it and will be back again x”


 "My reading with Karen was a wonderful experience, her energy was very welcoming and warm. I felt an instant connection. The reading was fantastic and I felt safe in her hands. I've not only had a very good reading, I've hopefully met a teacher and friend"


"WOW WOW WOW, Great peace of mind that Karen gave to me"

 Jackie Hawilly.