1. We have development circles each Monday 

  2. Come to our courses and workshops, on a regular basis.

  3. Have a reading or come for Healing.

If you would like to contact us directly

Karen is 07895243761

Gary is 07508508966

International Spiritualist mediums, psychics, spiritual healers and teachers. Specialising in private sittings, giving healing and running courses.

working doing demonstrations, courses and workshops, all over the world, and have studied at the "world famous" Arthur Findlay College.


Journey Into The Unknown

Journey Into The Unknown


Could this be the start of your journey into the unknown...perhaps you've started your journey already, and are seeking guidance, confirmation and/or insight.... Either way we welcome you, and if you leave this site with nothing more than a greater understanding of what we do and what it entails, a purpose has been served.

So what is it we actually do?...